Mostly, intense contact between writer and translator does not exist. Why is this so? What can be gained by such contact for translated literature? Does a translator work best in total solitude? Or could it be of great importance for the translation that he or she is aware of the writer’s intention and meaning? The quest to find the answers to these questions might surprise the authors of The Chronicles Project as well as the festival guests.

Prior to the Crossing Border Festival, four young writers Hassan Bahara (NL), Priya Basil (UK), Crista Ermiya (UK) and Niels ’t Hooft (NL) will go to London for four days. Together with the translators Rhian Hepplestone (UK) and Krijn Peter Hesselink (N), they will exchange ideas on the theme ‘being translated’. They will then perform in the Poetry Society and the company will visit the Sebald Lecture 2007. The subject of this lecture will be the art of translation. One item of this event will be the awarding of the Dutch Vondelprijs for the best translation from the Dutch. This extensive conference between writers and translators serves as a prologue to Crossing Border, which will take place two weeks later. The first two columns will be written and translated in London. These bilingual texts containing the outcome of this meeting between the art of writing and the craft of translating can be read on the weblog of the Crossing Border website. During Crossing Border, the writers and their translators will try to forge a bridge between supposed abstractness of the literary world and real daily life. You can find more information on this subject under ‘Kronieken’.

This project is a cooperative effort between Crossing Border and The British Council and is also made possible thanks to the VSB Fonds and the Lira Fonds.

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