The Chronicles is all about giving young authors the chance to share their ideas and work to a global audience. For four consecutive years, Crossing Border festival has mobilized an international team of talented young individuals with their skills at hand. This team is made up of writers and translators, challenged to the seemingly simple task of observing, listening and writing. They turn their thoughts and impressions throughout Crossing Border festival into daily columns, including a prologue and epilogue, which are immediately translated into Dutch and/or English and uploaded on this weblog. A selection of the columns is also published in a magazine edition, which is available shortly after the festival.

The authors will be live for you to see at the festival as well. On Friday November 19th, they are interviewed together about The Chronicles. Time: 19.15 hrs. Location: Queens (Royal Theatre). Individual readings are scheduled into the programme too.

There will also be some day time activities. On Friday afternoon for instance, an interview with Dorothee is hosted by Buddenbrooks Bookstore in The Hague. On Saturday afternoon, from 14.00 – 16.00 hrs, there will be a public meeting at het Koorenhuis (Prinsegracht 27, The Hague) which you are very welcome to attend.

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