The Chronicles
An extensive showcasing of young, exciting, international writing talent – that’s our goal at The Chronicles. And so we invite four authors to be our writers-in-residence at Crossing Border festival. What we also do, is invite seven young and talented translators. They rarely experience being in the spotlight, yet they are essential for the worldwide enjoyment of beautiful literature. To underline their importance, The Chronicles presents them alongside the authors.

The Chronicles 2012 edition is proud to feature Kaweh Modiri, Ahmed Naje, Yan Ge and Marek Šindelka as its authors, and Brendan Monaghan, Wiam El-Tamami, Lisa Thunnissen, Philip Hand, Elise Kuip, Didi van Ingen and Anna Asbury as its translators.


Each author will write a daily column during Crossing Border about their experiences at and around the festival. These columns will be available in several languages on this blog the very same evening, thanks to our translators.

Their first pieces are already available here. After the festival, by the end of November, four epilogues will close the series.

live in The Hague
All The Chronicles participants can also be seen live at Crossing Border The Hague, were they will take to the stage. On Friday there’ll be a group interview and on Saturday individual readings by the authors.

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Ahmed Naje

تحمل مدينة “الهيج” بالعربية اسم آخر هو “لاهاى”. وهو اسم له شهرة وشعبية واسعة في العربية بسبب ارتباطه بمحكمة العدل الدولية. اتذكر منذ عدة أسابيع كنت أشاهد فيلماً وثائقياً عن “الفن والثورة” في سوريا حينما سمعت أغنية يرددها المتظاهرون هناك تقول “يا بشار باى باى.. بدنا نشوفك في لاهاى”.