A new year of Crossing Border meant the 7th edition of The Chronicles. We proudly present a new collective of young, talented writers and translators who reported on this years’ festival. Sam Byers, Tatiana Salem Levy, Daphne Huisden and Monika Kompaníková were our eyes and ears, the chroniclers of Crossing Border. Their daily stories were immediately translated by Roos van de Wardt, Taco Schreij, Alice Paul, Didi van Ingen, Lucy Greaves and Denis Dobrovoda and published on our website the very same night.

On Saturday the 16th of November, the authors and translators gave a live performance at the festival in The Hague with readings and an interview; in Antwerp on Sunday the 17th of November.

Besides the festival columns and translations, fragments from Sam’s, Tatiana’s, Monika’s and Daphne’s novels are available on this website (as download, in English or Dutch). Click on the photos to find them. Do the same thing to find out more about all the participants.

During Crossing Border, the translators of The Chronicles were offered a master class in literary translation by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Read more about it here.

Enjoy reading!


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