With this new Crossing Border comes the 9th edition of our translation project, The Chronicles. We proudly present a new group of young, talented writers and translators who will be the reporters of this year’s festival. Sara Baume (Ireland), Olga Grjasnowa (Germany), Maciej Miłkowski (Poland) and Frederik Willem Daem (Belgium) will be our eyes and ears, the chroniclers of Crossing Border. Their daily stories will immediately be translated by Alyson Coombes , Joëlle Feijen, Charlotte Pothuizen, Sonja Pudelko, Jenny Watson, Lette Vos and Tuesday Bhambry (the winner of the 2015 Harvill Secker Young Translator’s Prize) and published on our website the very same night. The Chronicles’ translators will also receive a master class in literary translation courtesy of the Translators’ House Amsterdam / Dutch Foundation for Literature (a co-operation of the Translation Fund). The master class is given in collaboration with the Library of The Hague.

On Saturday 14 November, the authors and translators will also be on stage at the festival for a public interview by Tsead Bruinja. Enjoy the multilingual ride!

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